Transylvania 6-5000 (1985)–movie review

transylvania 6-5000

Director:  Rudy De Luca

Starring:  Jeff Goldblum, Ed Begley Jr., Geena Davis, Michael Richards


Here’s a quick little review for a quick little film.

The horror genre has had its fair share of spoofs: from the epic Young Frankenstein to the more recent Scary Movie series.  The thing I like about horror spoofs is that, in my opinion, even the awful ones are still entertaining (see Student Bodies).  Transylvania 6-5000 is no exception.

Goldblum and Begley play two bumbling journalists working for a tabloid who’s owner sends them to Transylvania to track down the real Frankenstein monster.  Goldblum’s character is pissed because he feels the assignment is “beneath him”.  Begley, however, makes some humorous attempts at conducting a real investigation and the two soon discover that the quaint little town is indeed harboring some dark secrets, as well as some of the classic movie monsters.  The film ends rather anti-climactically, and I kept waiting for some kind of teaser hinting that the story may “not be over just yet….”, but I never got it.  Still, this one is worth throwing on if you’re doing a little housework or don’t feel like putting a lot of thought into your viewing experience.  Some other notable observations:

  • Michael Richards (Seinfeld) plays Fejos, the butler, and his performance is absolutely hilarious!  Honestly, without him this film wouldn’t have ranked as high on my list as it did.  Just when you thought Chevy Chase was the only person capable of inducing shtick-related laughter, Kramer delivers a truly appetizing little nugget of humor.
  • Another notable performance is delivered by the insane, but equally funny Carol Kane as Lupi the maid.  There’s something about Carol Kane that instantly puts you at ease and helps reinforce the fact that whatever film you’re watching is by no means going to take itself too seriously.
  • Geena Davis as a horny vampire seductress dressed in an outfit that would make Elvira blush.  Enough said.
  • JEFFREY JONES IS IN THIS FILM!!!  Although it’s hard not to picture him as the principal from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, or the goofy dad from Beetle Juice, his absolutely despicable accent in this one is enough reason to laugh out loud.

geena davis vamp Seriously, do you even give a shit what the plot is?


All and all this is a fun little waste of time, and belongs on the shelf right next to Student Bodies or Elvira:   Mistress of the Dark, but not quite next to Haunted Honeymoon, and nowhere near Young Frankenstein.


–Tyson   tyson headshot


The Verdict


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