The Evictors (1979)

the evictors poster

Director:  Charles B. Pierce

Starring:  Vic Morrow, Michael Parks, Jessica Harper


Amazing?  No.

Entertaining?  Sure.

Smart? Absolutely.

Worth seeing? Quite simply, yes.

There’s my six second review.  If you’re satisfied by that, sweet!  Now go read another review!  However, if you’re quivering for more, read on.

The Evictors was a fun little film.  I certainly wouldn’t label it as one of the cornerstones of 70’s horror cinema, but for me personally, The Evictors was a total gem.  Nothing in this one was earth shattering, but at the end I was smiling and didn’t feel like I had wasted my time, so in its simplest form, that’s a true horror film.

The basic story line for The Evictors actually isn’t that basic at all, and for its time was pretty cool.  A young couple rents a house in Louisiana with a colorful past full of murder and bloodshed (the house, not the couple, then they’d just be Bonnie and Clyde).  Through a series of clever and entertaining flashbacks we learn that nobody has been able to live in the house for any extended period of time since a tragic shootout between former tenants and the police.  The couple soon experiences strange occurrences around the house and it becomes evident that someone is trying to scare them away from the property—or worse.  The film makes a few weak attempts at suspense that come up a little short, but the overall tone of the film is fun in that distinct 70’s documentary-like way.  There’s a halfway decent twist ending that, combined with the rest of the film’s flavor, was strangely reminiscent to me.  A quick Google search confirmed that Charles B. Pierce was also the director of The Town That Dreaded Sundown, which I’ll leave for another review at another time, but suffice to say that I was equally as entertained by it.


the evictors gun    Is that Indiana Jones’s girlfriend?



I hold a special place in my heart for movies like this—diamonds in the rough.  This is the kind of movie that I’d love to own on VHS and put on the shelf next to my copy of Moon of the Wolf.  You’ve seen this kind of movie before.  It’s the kind of film you’d see in the checkout line at a grocery store back in the day, and after screwing with the tracking control for 15 straight minutes so you could actually see what’s on the tape, you’d realize you had something halfway entertaining.  As I said at the beginning of this article, there’s nothing amazing about The Evictors, but it will certainly make for an entertaining 90 minutes if you’ve nothing better to do.


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The Verdict


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