Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend 2013 Review

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As much as I love the month of October, every year I find myself getting more and more depressed as the 31st grows nearer.  It’s kinda the way you feel on the last day of a really great vacation.  October is normally an insanely busy month for me—as well as any horror fan—and this year was no exception.  Keeping this blog going with new material each week has kept all of the Nerdcronomicon crew really busy. Add onto that multiple trips to “a local Halloween attraction that must go unnamed”, a trip to another “unnamed attraction” that happens to be home to The Haunted Mansion, and visiting friends and relatives in town on a couple of weekends and you can see that October is chock full of events.  The one that I most look forward to every single year, however, is Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend, which just ended yesterday afternoon.  This was the 4th year attending for Rachel and me, and I have to say, I think this year was the best.

@Thehorrornerds decided to spend the big bucks this year and get the weekend pass so that we could attend all three days of the event.  After a quick burger and beer, we arrived at the event Friday night and decided the first thing to do was hit up the vendor and celebrity room.

I’m glad we did!

There weren’t a ton of people there Friday night so the celebrities weren’t swamped and we all chatted with our favorites and got some good photos and autographs.

Check them out:


kane hodder family photo   Kane Hodder, notorious for choking his fans, said that our unborn baby girl was probably the youngest fan he’s ever choked.


pinhead autograph   Doug Bradley autographed the sketch I did of Pinhead.  He was such a friendly guy!


silvia and werewolf baby    Silvia with an adorable little baby werewolf.  Is it real?  We’re not telling…


wednesday adams autograph   Wednesday Adams!


silvia's bitching nails    Silvia’s homicidally bitchin’ manicure!


chris and sean whalen    Chris with “That Guy” a.k.a. Sean Whalen!


The absolute icing on the cake, and highlight of the weekend, celebrity-wise, was chatting with and getting a Nerdcronomicon team photo with the one and only Godfather of Zombies:  George A. Romero.  He is one of the nicest gentlemen I’ve ever met, and my respect for his work has increased exponentially.


nerdcro team and george a. romero

The Nerdcronomicon Team with the man and legend, George A. Romero!

From there we sat in on one of the craziest panel discussions I’ve ever seen.  A bunch of the authors, film critics and altogether insane folks got together for something called “Sick and Twisted.”  I should have known we were in for a good time when every one of the 6 or so panel members sat down on the stage and pulled a bottle of their preferred booze out, put it on the table and proclaimed to the audience that any time one of them cursed they were going to take a drink.  I won’t mention any specific names, but I witnessed one gent kill a half a bottle of Jim Beam in that hour.  As the name implied, the discussion was indeed sick and twisted, and fucking hilarious!

We capped Friday night off with a live shadow cast presentation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight, and it was introduced by Patricia Quinn, Magenta herself!

Saturday was special for me personally, because it was the first year that my Mom, Dad and Sister attended with us.  I tried to prepare them for what they were going to see, but I think they’ll all agree that Spooky Empire is pretty much impossible to describe until you’ve experienced it for yourself.  My Mom has found a newfound and altogether strange obsession for Kane Hodder, so she was thrilled that she got to see him, but the highlight of her evening was meeting the original Magenta from Rocky Horror, Patricia Quinn.


mom and magenta  Mom and Magenta!


mom and clown  Clearly Momma isn’t scared of clowns…


My sister’s favorite part of the evening was getting her picture taken with the world’s shortest Predator.


mylia and predator    Seriously, I thought he’d be bigger…


We did another handful of Q&A’s, sat in on a live Podcast with the bloody-disgusting.com crew (which was freaking awesome and will probably result in the birth of our very own Nerdcronomicon podcast, if you bunch of crazies will actually listen to us), and once again found ourselves in front of a similar panel to the “Sick and Twisted” debacle the night before.  This one was equally as awesome, and only slightly classier!

We kicked off Sunday morning with a very social chat with some of the authors in attendance, and this was probably my favorite part of the weekend.  I got a lot of great advice and even friended a couple of them on Facebook with the hopes of networking and developing some positive friendships.

We closed the weekend out by sitting in on a Q&A with the original cast from A Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

I walked out with that same old sinking feeling in my stomach—sad that the weekend was over.

I didn’t sleep last night.

I was depressed at work today.

But writing about all the good times I had last weekend helped.

And from now on I’m looking on the bright side.

Only 362 more days until next year’s Ultimate Horror Weekend…


–Tyson  tyson headshot











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