Session 9 (2001)–movie review

Session 9 poster

Director:  Brad Anderson

Starring:  David Caruso, Stephen Gevedon, Paul Guilfoyle


In high school I once wrote a report in English class on the power of “setting” in a story.  The particular story I was reading at the time was “The Hound of the Baskervilles.”  Sometimes setting can be more powerful than the story itself.  Or in the case of film, the story and the acting.  In the case of Session 9 this could not be more accurate.  In fact, the ONLY redeeming quality about this film is the setting, which happens to have been filmed at the Danvers State Insane Asylum in Massachusetts before it was torn down for condominiums.  This one was about as boring as 90 straight minutes of watching David Caruso attempt to act, which is ironic considering this movie is made up of 90 minutes of David Caruso attempting to act.  I would have been more entertained had you just shown me 90 minutes worth of still shots from the hospital in which Session 9 was filmed.

The simple overview is that an asbestos cleaning crew is clearing an abandoned insane asylum.  One of the workers finds a collection of taped interviews with one of the asylum’s most infamous nut jobs, who happened to have multiple personalities.  This part of the film was actually very spooky, but it’s shame that all of the build-up is for nothing.   We’re lead to believe that the spirit of that patient is still lingering about, and slowly but surely each character is dispatched in a painfully unfulfilling way.  .   SPOILER ALERT!!!  Even David Caruso dies, at which point I should have been jumping for joy, but in all honesty I couldn’t have given a shit less.  To make matters worse we’re insulted with a “twist ending” that I for one could spot a mile away, and frankly am still a little confused by.


David Caruso Session 9    Badass location, but that’s about where it stopped for me…..


Damn, I’m looking at what I’ve written so far and realizing how short this review is,
but I simply can’t find any more words to paint this picture.  It’s just too boring.  I know that Silvia loved this one, but again, the Nerdcronomicon team strives for subjectivity so we purposely try to review films out of our respective comfort zones.  As close as Silvia, Chris and I are, we have no problem letting each other know when we disagree with each other’s opinions.   Session 9 is simply one of those cases.  My final take is this:  If you’re insanely bored or stoned out of your mind, spin this one up, just turn the sound off, as
any redeeming qualities are strictly visual.  However, the Nerdcronomicon team seems to be split 50/50 on this one.  In that case, I challenge you, dear reader, to roll the dice and see for yourself.  Watch this one and leave your feedback in the comments and let’s see
what the overall consensus is.


–Tyson  tyson headshot


The Verdict


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