Seed of Chucky (2004)–movie review

Seed of Chucky Poster

Director:  Don Mancini

Starring:  Jennifer Tilly, Brad Dourif, John Waters, Redman


I’m going to warn you right now, before I’m crucified in the comments section.  I gave this film much higher marks than it probably deserves but I can’t help it, I was drinking when I watched it and I found it incredibly funny (wonder if I could get an RUI—Reviewing Under the Influence–?).  I don’t want to give away too many of the jokes, but take my word for it, this film is far funnier than it is scary.  There’s a good amount of gratuitous gore thrown in to make this the perfect, brainless flick to watch when you’re doing something else at the same time.

Like drinking.

I’ll touch on some other notable likes, but first, the synopsis.  So in the last film Tiffany and that adorable little star of the original Child’s Play, Chucky, get it on and Tiffany is impregnated.  This should be your first clue that the Child’s Play franchise is nearing the end of its rope.  The film sets the tone right away by spoofing Look Who’s Talking with the whole sperm chasing the egg during the credits thing.  Well, as sperm (sperms?) often do (does?), the baby grows up and eventually we learn that the offspring is working as a ventriloquist’s dummy in the U.K., but he desperately wants to be reunited with his parents in Hollywood.  He jumps on a plane and eventually catches up with Chucky and Tiffany, who are strictly in their doll form as there’s a Chucky and Tiff movie being made.  Glen recites the famous incantation, and poof, Chucky and Tiff are once again possessed by deranged serial killer.  I know this seems completely far-fetched, but the writers did a surprisingly decent job of making it logical—I just don’t want to tell you exactly how because it kinda took me by surprise, and I respect that about a film.


Chucky, Tiff and Glen

Jesus Kid! You look like a deranged Lucille Ball”


Moving on.  As is the usual recipe for our short little pal Chucky, he (and Tiff) need to possess some humans so they can be rid of their cursed doll bodies.  Chucky chooses Redman (I’m not EVEN fucking with you right now…) and in another brilliant piece of writing Tiff chooses Jennifer Tilly, who of course is the voice of the character.  For whatever reason they decide that it would be better to artificially inseminate Jennifer Tilly with Chucky’s….ummmmm… know.  Some more folks are killed here and there, and eventually Jennifer Tilly gives birth to twins.  Right as we’re about to see some possessing, Chucky suddenly realizes that he’s been an iconic slasher for over a decade, and that maybe he doesn’t want to be human after all.  Tiff wants to hear none of this so she takes Glen and leaves Chucky.  They catch up with Jennifer Tilly at the hospital, and just as Tiff is about to complete the possession ceremony Chucky breaks through the door with an axe, Jack Torrence style, and kills Tiff.  Glen, in a fit of rage then dismembers Chucky with the axe.  The final ending of the film is some convoluted hodge podge scenario where apparently the twins really were possessed by Tiff and Glen, and at their fifth birthday party Chucky’s arm shows up as a gift and we hear his evil laugh.

The very confusing and not really important end.

Now some notable things I jotted down while drinking—I mean writing—I mean watching—this movie.

  • The birthday cake at the beginning looks delicious! (don’t ask me, I’m just copying notes I made when I watched this over two weeks ago, and I told you I was drinking…)
  • I love Brad Dourif! (That is all…)
  • The P.O.V. camera work is pretty bad ass!  (This I do remember, and still agree with.  Normally “Killer POV” can be cliché but this film makes it awesome, given that the killers are two feet tall)
  • I was presently (yes, that’s how I spelled it, but I meant “pleasantly”) surprised at some twists and turns in this one.
  • This franchise completely realized that it was crossing over from a true horror product to more of a comedy driven product, and they embraced it fully.  It absolutely didn’t take itself too seriously, and no matter how bad a flick is, there’s a certain amount of respect for making that call.
  • I kinda had an obsession with Jennifer Tilly growing up.  Then I found out that she’s older than my mom.  (not that you’re old, Mom.  It just weirds me out a little bit…)
  • There’s an ongoing “made in Japan” joke that had me rolling (I really hope this wasn’t the booze talking, because I’d like to think that it really WAS funny…)
  • LOL  They kill Britney Spears!!  (you’ll have to watch…)

And there you have it my little Nerdcromancers, an alcohol fueled review on a guilty little pleasure of what I’ll call an installment in one of Horror’s “honorable mention” franchises.


–Tyson  tyson headshot


The Verdict:


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