Oculus (2013)

Oculus Poster


Director: Mike Flannigan

Starring: Karen Gillam and Brenton Thwaites


Ok, so this will be the shortest review I’ve written to date…mainly because I don’t know what the hell I just watched. I was super excited for this movie, and was left thoroughly disappointed. Oculus starts out with a relatively cool and different premise, and I am thinking “alright, this will be good.” And then, about 20 to 30 minutes in, it completely derails into one discombobulated mess of a plot that had me, mouth agape, for all the wrong reasons. Readers, I can’t even do my usual plot overview, because I don’t know what the plot was…truly. So here’s what I can muster up for the Nerdcronomicon: Amy Pond Kaylie Russell (played by Karen Gillam) tries to prove her brother is innocent of killing their parents, a crime he supposedly committed years prior and for which he served time. Pond’s Kaylie’s theory is that it wasn’t her brother, but actually evil entities in the house that did it…so she sets up these elaborate traps to catch the ghosties in the act. It appears she has it all under control…but we know better.


Oculus GlassSeriously, eating glass is less painful than watching this movie.


Anyway, call me stupid, but I was confused for most of the movie. I admit, I may have gotten distracted a few times by shiny objects around me and may have looked away, but trust me when I say, I wasn’t the only puzzled one in the room. And the fact that I was so easily distracted is another indication that this movie was just not that great. You can only rely on the mirror gag so many times until it gets old. I kept hoping the TARDIS would land somewhere and the Doctor would make it all better, but that never happened. Oculus is yet another valiant, but failed attempt at succeeding in the horror genre. Off to the crappy horror cemetery it goes (and a full cemetery it is!). There is one word to perfectly describe this disjointed fest: “Whaaa?”


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