Killer’s Moon

Killer's Moon


Where do I start with this one? I guess the beginning will suffice…one lazy Monday morning I decided to sit back and watch a movie to review. Netflix recommended Killer’s Moon. I saw the word “controversial” in the description, and with that being the green flag, I started watching. I’m not sure exactly what was controversial about it, other than the flippant attitude towards rape, but let’s see if I can come up with something else…

The movie begins in Creepy Old England, which by that I mean 1970s England. It seems to me that every movie filmed there during that time frame (INCLUDING Star Wars) has a weird, eerie vibe to it. Plus the misty fog (that sounds like a weather reporter’s name, Misty Fogg) does not help. Of course, there is a bus full of school girls headed to a concert or something. When I say “bus full”, I mean one of those small buses (busses?) you hear about, that seat 10 people or so. When I say “school girls”, I mean 20something women. And of course again, the bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere. One more of course: the movie cuts to a scene of some detectives talking to a psychologist, who tells them about the 4 crazed maniacs who escaped from a mental institution. These maniacs are almost carbon copies of the characters from A Clockwork Orange, even down to the white outfits and bowler hat. They (of course) happen upon the girls and some other locals, and have a bit of fun. By “have a bit of fun” I mean rape and kill. It’s up to 2 young guys camping nearby to save the day. Oh yeah and a 3-legged dog doles a bit of justice doggy style.

A few things about this movie stuck out: It has a really casual opinion when it comes to rape. No lie, after one of the characters is raped, another school girl tells her to just pretend like it didn’t happen, and they will grow up to become wives and mothers. Hmm, what a great idea! To describe this movie in a one sentence, it would go like this: “Take A Clockwork Orange, add 200% more rape, subtract memorable characters, and you will have Killer’s Moon”. I will admit, during the first 20 minutes or so I was creeped out, as I did not know what to expect. I even looked over my shoulder a few times, despite my sitting right up against a wall. You never know, the killer could be hiding in the wall. In conclusion, I would recommend watching this, overall it has it’s moments. Plus a heroic dog with 3 legs!


  • A 3-legged dog
  • An American guy
  • Creepy setting


  • Meandering plot
  • “Rape is easy to forget”
  • A total lack of Danielle Harris



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