Bayou L’Abeille (book review)–by A.D. Sams

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Author:  A.D. Sams


If you’ve read my review of Spooky Empires’s Ultimate Horror Weekend you’ll recall that one of my favorite parts about the weekend is getting to meet some authors.  A.D. Sams is one of those authors, and I recently finished her book Bayou L’Abeille.  It was a fun little read.

The spoiler free synopsis in a nutshell is that the book is about a small Louisiana bayou town and the colorful folks that live there, both sordid and sweet.  The book is laid out in such a way that each “chapter” is essentially its own little short story, with several storylines and characters interwoven into one another’s individual tales. Plus these individual snippets are pretty short. I personally enjoy this style of writing as it alleviates some of the pressure I often feel when reading lengthy, technical novels that require you to pay a lot of attention or risk having to re-read pages or even chapters at a time.  Bayou L’Abeille is the kind of book you can fall asleep to and not feel burdened the next day because you have to backtrack for pages and pages.  (I mean that as a good thing!)

I wouldn’t necessarily categorize the stories themselves as “horror” tales, but there are definitely a few that highlight the darker side of humanity.  Mix these in with a few yarns that make you laugh, cry and long for the kind of Southern hospitality and charm (and food!) that can only be found on the bayou, and you’ve got a venerable arsenal of well-written stories that will actually make you excited for those rainy afternoons on the couch.

I wrote a review for this one on Amazon and I think what I wrote pretty much sums this one up:

I was once told by my high school English teacher that setting is the most powerful element of a story. That’s stuck with me all my life. One of the things that I love about Stephen King stories is that his settings are living, breathing characters in and of themselves. Ms. Sams’ Bayou L’Abeille shares this same quality. For anyone that grew up in a small town, Bayou L’Abeille will conjure up memories of times gone by–full of romance, despair, secrets and some good old fashioned southern fried fun. And if you didn’t grow up in a small town, well—worry not. Ms. Sams’ superb style will paint the picture for you, and she’s a fantastic artist.”

Pick this one up.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to flip my Little Walter album over to the B side and get my Étouffée on the stove…….


–Tyson  tyson headshot

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