Hi all! Welcome to our blog! Before you get settled in to enjoy all we have to offer, here’s a little bit about myself. I am originally from Brazil, but moved to Central Florida when I was 21, after falling in love and marrying a gringo (hi, baby!). Living in the Sunshine State is ok, except for the horrible drivers, the 123% humidity, the love bugs, and the unfortunate lack of anything that resembles a cosmopolitan culture. But hey, the beach is an hour away, and Florida is, after all, the number one destination for Halloween events. Patrick and I have no kids, but we have 2 hound dogs that keep us plenty busy. Dexter and Norman (their names are your first hint that I am not quite right in the head) are my awesome, furry little psychos, and I love them to bits! My life in Brazil was pretty standard. I was going to Law School and trying to figure out what my next steps in life would be…I always loved horror, but never even considered doing anything with it before. When I married Patrick and moved here, I put Law School on hold to get one of those job thingys, you know. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to go back to school and finish my degree. Getting off my ass and doing something for myself lit a fire under me, and so the stars aligned and Chris, Tyson and I decided this was the perfect time to create the Nerdcronomicon.

This blog is really a great way for me to let my dark side shine. All my life I have been fascinated with the macabre. In fact, as far back as I can remember I have been crazy interested in the paranormal, the strange, and really anything that made me not sleep at night. I was always looking for ghost stories, or someone’s account of a creepy occurrence that could give me the chills. Horror has really shaped my whole life. I have to give credit to my parents and older brother, who not only introduced me, but encouraged me to watch movies I was way too young to be watching. By the age of 7 I had seen The Omen and its sequels, Rosemary’s Baby, The Shining, Psycho, and several others. My dad and I would rent Hitchcock movies and have marathons all the time. He loved pointing out dear Alfred’s cameos to me! I loved going to bed a little freaked out, unsure of what lurked in my closet, deathly scared of the static on TV, and convinced that something really maniacal lived under my bed. I am pretty sure all the sleep deprivation I suffered as a child has had lasting effects on my health to this day, but as any horror nerd can attest to, we wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Here’s what I think shaped my preferences over the years. First, the types of movies I was first introduced to were definitely of a higher echelon. Secondly, when I was about 8 my brother decided to show me a different type of movie. It was called Friday the 13th, and, as he put it, it was gonna change my world! It sure did, more than he realized… the first one made me s**t my pants, but the second one did me in completely. As soon as I saw Mrs. Voorhees’ head in the fridge, I was so freaked out I shut it off and vowed never to watch those movies again (It wasn’t until 23 years later that I would revisit the series). Truly, though, that was the fork in the road where I naturally chose the atmospheric horror over the gory, in-your-face type. Obviously, I am no longer scared of any movies in that way, and while I enjoy anything horror more than any other genre, I have grown to appreciate the more high-brow stories…the grey-poupon of the genre, if you will. I am definitely a horror snob. I need a good plot, good acting and a premise that can really disturb me….and now that I am 34, Jason Voorhees is not it anymore. While gore is fun, it won’t make me lose any sleep, or cause me to run and do a 3 meter jump into bed after I turn off the all the lights because I think there is a Korean water ghost following me. I am completely different from Tyson and Chris in this sense, and that is what makes this a cool blog. Hopefully, there are some of you out there like me, who share in my snooty-ness and can relate to my reviews. Can’t wait to get this going and I hope you all enjoy what we have to offer. Oh, and here’s some more rapid-fire info:

  1. Favorite Scary Movie of all time and why: This is a      hard one, as I have a few favorites, because they push different buttons      and elicit different feelings in me. At the risk of upsetting some Horror      Purists out there, I have to admit The Ring is one of my favorites. The      reason for that is I don’t remember a movie in my adult life that was able      to do what The Ring did to me when I watched it. I was truly terrified,      constantly looking behind my back everywhere I went, and jumpy anytime a      phone rang. No movie has managed to scare me as much since, either. For      that reason, The Ring is one of my favorites. However, like I said, I have      several favorites, so hopefully one day I can write about them, and      explain why each has a special place in my heart.
  2. Likes & Dislikes: I love a great ghost story,      haunted houses (real or otherwise), creepy atmospheres, the unexplainable,      my husband and dogs, Survivor Horror games (special mention to the Silent      Hill and Fatal Frame series), turning off all the lights to watch a scary      movie; a spine-chilling book that freaks you out so much you look over      your shoulder every so often to make sure nothing is behind you; I love      zombies and have loved them since way before they were “cool”; Malcolm      McDowell;  I love going on ghost      tours wherever I travel, and I would love to go on a real ghost hunt      (*hint, hint* readers – I’m open to suggestions and invites). I dislike      crappy special effects, substandard acting, movies that take themselves      too seriously when they don’t have the substance to back it up, cockroaches,      dumb people, having to work for a living (why am I not independently      wealthy?), and finally, not having ever had anything paranormal happen to      me.
  3. First Time Scared S**tless: Friday the 13th      part I and II (watched them back to back), at the age of 8. Did not sleep      for months, nor did I open the fridge at night. It really messed me up.      Laughable, really.
  4. Favorite Horror Book: The Shining, by Stephen King. Holy      crap, I remember not wanting to read that book when no one was home. That      is the sign of a great story and a great writer. Here I was in Brazil, in      an apartment in the middle of the busy city (if you’ve never been to Rio, picture      being in an apartment in Manhattan. Having been to both cities, it is      actually amazing how Rio compares in terms of layout, crowds, noise and      just constant hustle and bustle), in the middle of the day, terrified that      things happening in the book would somehow happen to me too. Never mind      that Jack and his family were in an isolated hotel up in the mountains, in      terrible weather and completely alone. Genius!
  5. Best All-time Horror Character: I think for the sheer      world-wide recognition factor, Jason Voorhees has to take the cake. He IS      horror! There is no one who doesn’t know that hockey mask! Is he a complex      character with many layers that the viewer can peel back to reveal a      vulnerable persona we can relate to? No. Is he a suffered soul who is      simply misunderstood? No. He is just a tard who kills people in crazy,      gory ways…but how can you ignore the impact he has had in pop culture, and      of course, the horror culture specifically? For that, I give him props.      However, on a much more intelligent and therefore scarier level, Hannibal      Lector is brilliant!
  6. Scariest Place I’ve Ever Been: Easy! Between the ages      of 15-18, my cousin (who at the time was living with me) and I started a      tradition of going to this little town called Lambari, in Minas Gerais,      Brazil. We would go during Carnaval, to escape the craziness of Rio. We      stayed in this old, giant hotel from the 1910’s called Hotel Imperial,      which since had been converted to condos. I am not joking, it was the      spitting image of the Overlook Hotel. Long corridors, wide-open spaces, abandoned      ball rooms, now converted to gigantic sitting rooms with little purpose      and with hundreds of couches strewn about where the kids would hang out.      The hotel had 6 floors, but the 6th floor had never been      finished and the elevator (which by the way, had a lever and those metal      accordion doors) didn’t stop there. On the second floor, at the end of one      of the long hallways, the path opened into a large room where the walls      were lined with benches, and where a mammoth wooden door stood, now      permanently closed …it was an old train stop that was built into the      hotel! Not having had anyone stop there for at least 70 years, the room      seemed eerily deserted and nonsensical, which made it even creepier. There      were tons of stories floating around in that hotel. Because several of the      rooms had been turned into condos, as I said, the same families would come      back every season, so we had a group of kids that met all the time, and we      shared all kinds of tales. Apparently, the reason for the 6th      floor having never been completed was because a crazy janitor murdered a      little girl there. There were countless other stories of people dying in      their rooms, or falling into the elevator shaft or the train tracks,      etc…are they true? I have no idea, but found myself many times standing      outside and staring at the 6th floor, so see if I could spot      something in the windows. That was a scary place to be in, and one thing I      remember more than anything, is that there was an unspoken rule that no      one should walk around alone. No matter what time of the night, if you      needed to leave your room, there was always someone insistent on walking      with you. It was just understood. Looking back, I wish I hadn’t been so      scared, and I wish I knew more about ghost hunting at the time, because      that would have been a great place to investigate.


Silvia Hotel

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