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Goblin (Profundo Badass)

I was actually a late bloomer when it comes to several sub-genres of horror.  Foreign horror is one of those areas.  It’s only been a few years since I first started watching Dario Argento films.  Deep Red (Profundo Rosso) was … Continue reading

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WE ALL GO A LITTLE MAD SOMETIMES—but that doesn’t mean we’re all psychos

A Horror nerd’s perspective on the debate of violent films and their influence on violent crime Yesterday some teens murdered a jogger for fun. This was (basically) the headline I caught yesterday while I was at the gym, trying not … Continue reading

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The Collection (2012) review

Director:  Marcus Dunstan Starring:  Josh Stewart, Emma Fitzpatrick, Christopher McDonald   Have you ever been in the theater, waiting to watch a movie with your friends, when the previews start playing (the best part of some movies), and then your … Continue reading

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World War Z review

Director:  Marc Forster Starring:  Brad Pitt,  Mireille Enos,  Daniella Kertesz   Let me begin by saying that I don’t particularly enjoy “going to the movies.”  Frankly, people get on my nerves—especially when I’m trying to watch a horror flick.  The moral … Continue reading

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