If you’ve managed to find this blog you must be looking for something, right?  That question is what drives most bloggers to start writing in the first place—“what is it that people are looking for that I can provide?”


In the case of The Nerdcronomicon, the creators wanted a one stop shop for all things horror related.  We found ourselves going to one site for movie reviews, another for books, and yet another for discussions on haunted attractions, ghost tours, etc.  What we hope to do is provide information and entertaining articles for like-minded people, and keep it all under one roof.


The Nerdcronomicon was created by Silvia, Tyson and Chris (you can read our individual Bios here).  Our backgrounds are as diverse as they could possibly be—Tyson grew up in Illinois, Chris in Florida, and Silvia in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!  Somehow we all found ourselves in Central Florida working for a major theme park.  We quickly realized that we were cut from the same cloth when, after our first Halloween together, our row of desks could have doubled as set pieces for Camp Crystal Lake.  For the past several years we’ve all grown close and shared our opinions and recommendations about movies, books, music and more.  We’ve vacationed together, partied together, and realized that we all share the same rare and, in our opinions, dignified tastes in horror entertainment.  I can’t even remember what sparked the idea, but one day we all agreed we should start a blog and share our feedback with others.  There’s no telling what topics you’ll eventually see posted on this site, but what we can promise is a steady supply of movie, music, book, attraction, and tour reviews intercut with some random articles and discussions about the horror industry.


We’ll admit, our preferences when it comes to entertainment are, and have always been hard for “mainstream” society to accept, and if you’re reading this chances are you’ve experienced the same challenges—things like being stuck in the break room at work while everyone around you is talking about the newest Twilight movie, when deep down you’d love to talk about Friday the 13th part 4 or the rumored Poltergeist remake.  And let’s not forget that awkward moment when you’re in the checkout line at the grocery store rocking your Cannibal Holocaust T-Shirt and the sweet innocent family of four gets in line behind you, notices your shirt, and slowly slides their organic salad dressing a little further away from your pizza rolls—as if coming in contact with your provisions will result in their kids coming down with a nasty case of “weirdo.”


Worry not, dear readers, for you are among friends.  You don’t have to be embarrassed that your bathroom is decorated with Hitchcock posters, or that you had a Fulci’s Zombie cake for your 30th birthday (or your 10th, for that matter).


What we’re saying is that at The Nerdcronomicon you can let your Freak Flag fly.  And you can fly it proudly.

So to quote the creepy little Asian guy at the end of Hellraiser, “What’s your pleasure, sir?”  Click around the menus section up top and have some fun.


Welcome to the Nerdcronomicon!


7 Responses to Eulogy

  1. Jessica N says:

    Loving it ! Super proud of you , Tyson !

  2. Tyson says:

    Thanks Jess! This blog is partially the result of a lot of nights in basements watching horror flicks with folks like you. Keep checking back often and like us on Facebook!

  3. Brooklynn says:

    Welcome to the Horror Blogger Alliance (I know my welcome is late!)
    Stop by sometime.

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